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Ensign Learning Center would like to notify you of our modified tuition rates beginning in December 2023. Tuition rates have been modified to help cover the increased cost of running the school. We are restructuring our tuition and scholarship programs to more closely follow the current market of tuition and to better utilize our scholarship programs. Tuition rates will be discounted per student if you have more than one child attending our school as shown in the table on the next page. As you view the tuition rates, also keep in mind that Ensign offers several scholarships based on financial need and academic performance. Additionally, there are scholarships available through the Ensign Alumni Association. We want to do everything we possibly can to make attending our school affordable for all parents. If you feel like your income will prevent your children from being able to attend our school, please contact us first and ask us about the many resources we have available to parents. For more details on scholarships and other resources, please contact us at (801) 327-8711. The modified tuition rates and the registration fees are shown in the application below Or you can go to Tuition rates page on our website .

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